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DeSoto BMX is America's first indoor facility designed exclusively for races and events of all sizes. VySion events is a new small business that aims to provide elegant social and corporate events for members of the Dallas - Fort Worth region. On the property there is a full service restaurant, bar and barber shop open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Cedar Hill State Park offers camping, but if you don't want to hike, there's a chance to hang out on the beach at Joe's Pool Lake or even visit one of the many trails in the park, such as the Big Bend Trail. If you prefer to spend the day on or near the water, you can also swim in Lake DeSoto or in the lake itself, as well as in a number of other lakes.

This is an old farm that is now the Penn Farm Agricultural History Center, and you can easily take a self-guided tour. There are also bathrooms and changing rooms, so check out the website before the event. Please check the page for more information about the events and other DeSoto events, as well as a list of events in the area.

The All-America City Award is the nation's oldest recognition program, recognizing citizens who work together as a community to identify and address community challenges and achieve unusual results. If you know someone who deserves recognition, please let us know here or get in touch. VoyageDallas is based on community recommendations, so how can we uncover the hidden treasures?

In this type of local government, the city manager manages the day-to-day management of a city and acts as the chief administrative officer for that city. The city council appoints him and he runs and manages the city's operations. Each of the six council members represents a particular district or town in the cities, but the mayor represents the city as a whole.

The two-day event, which attracts more than 1,000 attendees, offers amateurs the chance to compete for the coveted Texas State Champion title. DeSoto BMX is open for racing and training, with races and clinics taking place Tuesday through Thursday (see "Coaching Events & Clinics Not Held This Week"). It also hosts the annual Texas Bicyclists' Association of Texas (TTAX). State championships. Hundreds of colourful eggs are to be placed in the field in Pointer Park before the Easter bunny itself graces the event.

If you are looking for peace and quiet for hiking and enjoying the surrounding flora and fauna, this is definitely the place for you. The area is full of restaurants and a variety of hotels, motels and RV parks that offer accommodations for all price ranges. Because VySion Events offers its customers exceptional customer service and exceptional service by offering decoration, bed linen and seller packages.

Desoto hosts a variety of events every year, ranging from seasonal festivals to jazz and blues concert series. Events range from music festivals, concerts, art shows, food trucks and other events.

Cycle paths covering 486 hectares offer geocaching, camping, picnics or an open-air concert by a blues or jazz band at DeSoto's Music in the Park Concert Series. After hiking and other leisure activities, you might want to visit a good old-fashioned water park. Desoto has a variety of water parks, such as the water park at the main entrance of the park, as well as other parks and hiking trails. Relax in the cool spring breeze in one of the many outdoor water parks and waterfalls in this popular park.

This free show series offers couples and families alike a great evening and takes place at the DeSoto Town Center in the heart of downtown. Tickets for the show are available on the ArtsDeSotas website or at the box office, or you can rent your own table or gazebo if you wish. The show takes place in De Soto city centre, but there is also an open-air amphitheatre and a slide for children and adults.

The event, which will take place in mid-June at Grimes Park, commemorates the day slaves in Texas learned they were free. Those who come to the Desoto BMX for the first time will get a free day pass to try out the most popular cycling course in the world in the city centre.

In 1881 a post office was established and the settlement was named after a doctor who dedicated himself to the community. In 1884, an election was held to determine the incorporation of a small community northwest of De Soto. A petition signed by 42 eligible voters was presented to a Dallas County judge, who asked for the ballot to be included. The results were entered in the Dallas County Commissioners Court records, which deSOTO the city.

Since its opening in the late 1990s, the Town Center has become the community's anchor with more than 1,000 square feet of retail space as the largest shopping center in Texas.

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More About Desoto